Subject: Re: Did a dumb thing today -- picked up a 5 buck MV2000....
To: Carlini, Antonio <>
From: Ken Wellsch <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/27/2001 10:59:14
"Carlini, Antonio" wrote:
> > Pit Fracas.... and picked up an orphan 5 buckeroo MV2000 critter.  IFF
> > I want to expand ram in the critter, what sorts of ram bits will work
> You need the appropriate memory card
> (similar to the VS3100 systems - no SIMMs here!)

I believe there are larger 3rd party cards, but my collection of vs2000's
are either 4Mb or 6Mb total - I think 2 or 4Mb onboard then a DEC
daughtercard.  I think it has a 12Mb upper limit total.  Only one
daughtercard allowed I believe.

> > correctly in the thing.  I vaguely remember someone saying that there was
> > a way to make the tape ''almost scsi'' port talk real scsi.
> Doesn't NetBSD use it this way?
> It can (IIRC) do disks like this.

I believe the NCR53C80 controller with the dedicated (shared with MFM)
DMA bounce buffer (16Kb?) is usable for SCSI drives via the 50 pin cable
that comes off the mobo - depending on the boxes you have, they may
have the add-on footer that provides a Centronics connector.

As I recall, the ethernet adaptor is the only thing that can DMA to
regular memory.

> > Anyone have thing, or would something like Ultrix 4.2 do.  Anyone know of
> > an on-line manual for the thing.  I figured it might make the usual good
> > mfm formatter thingy, if nothing else.
> The tech manual is on a CD near the
> DFWCUG. It's not online yet (AFAIK)
> but you could always ask.

Just a reminder, for what its worth, the formatter on the VS2000 is
compatible with RQDX3 controllers, but the VS2k is 3:1 interleaving
while an RQDX3 is 1:1.  I somehow doubt speed matters here thought B^)

Although it was nearly a decade ago, we did not attempt to run Ultrix 4
in production on smaller VAXen because 4 required so much more in terms of
resources (e.g. on uVAX2's and VS2000's).  We stuck with Utlrix 3.5 I think.


-- Ken