Subject: Re: heck, are 11/785s extinct?
To: None <>
From: Tim Crawley <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/26/2001 19:48:45
Well I for one have a 11/785!

It was upgraded from an 11/780 to 11/785. I have the upgrade manual
and yes the upgrade requires replacing the 11/780 backplane.

I have had mine for several years (5+ years). It was retired from a local
University. I was lucky enough to catch the news post. The guy only
wanted to give it away to collectors.


> Hi, over the last weeks or so I dropped inquiries about 11/785s at
> various places. Some of them not asking if I could have one, others
> more to the point :-). I had very little feedback. One from one 
> of our friends, who had the leftovers of a 11/780 to share 
> (irony of that story is he got the 11/780 from Indiana to Denver
> 9 months ago :-). However, I have indication that my 11/785 boards
> won't work on the 11/780 backplane. So, I'm still desperately 
> looking for a 11/785. I would be a lot more patient if I saw those
> popping up as abundantly as the 6000s pop up recently. What makes
> me really concerned is that few of you fellow VAX nerds have 11/78x
> in the first place. Where are they?
> BTW: does anyone know where Brian Chase is? Vacation? I need an
> information from him related to this matter.
> Sorry for being pushy with this, I'm just not as well connected
> as Chuck McManis, where people seem to be dropping off truckloads 
> of VAX stuff at his house every other week :-). So I have to ask to 
> get some leads to follow. The underlying assumption being that
> there is one 11/785 recycled as scrapmetal every month that I don't
> find it.
> So I appreciate any hints, even the slightest ones, like if you
> know of a place that might still be using an 11/785 or where I
> would be most likely able to detect one ...
> On the other hand, it might be that you guys are all looking for
> the same thing and so we may be competitors of sorts (albeit 
> competing friends I'd hope :-). Like you wouldn't tell me if you 
> saw an abandoned PDP-8 somewhere in a corner, would you? ;-)
> thanks,
> -Gunther
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