Subject: RE: heck, are 11/785s extinct? - memories
To: Carlini, Antonio <>
From: Akos Varga <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/26/2001 08:01:22
At 23:04 7/25/2001, Carlini, Antonio wrote:
>         There may not be many 11/78x machines in hobbyist hands.
>         There may not be too many corporations subscribed to
>         this list :-)

It's funny... Only 20 or so TPA-11/585's (hungarian 11/785-clones) were
built, but as I was told, most of them were just upgraded from 11/780-clones,
so noone knows the exact count for sure, could this be true for the original
DEC machines too?

All I know that I found two complete 11/585 CPU boardsets, complete
with backplane and cardcage a few years ago, and _then_ a complete
2x2 CPU system (two 11/787 (two-processored 11/785 systems) that were
connected thru a shared memory box), which was an unbelievable sight...
I was a bit sad that I couldn't take that system home, but obviously it was
too big (first I'd had to ship it 200 kilometres, and then find him a good 
so all I have are memories and a few pictures....