Subject: Re: my latest haul (and QBus questions)
To: Brian Hechinger <>
From: Pierre-Michel Ricordel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/24/2001 11:08:05
> ok, so how about the KZQSA? is that a completely lost cause for NetBSD?
> i just get it over with and stick it in a VMS box?

You should (or be a hero and write a driver for it ;-)

I read somewhere IIRC that the KZQSA does some nasty things
on the bus (or is it the memory ?), and that the VMS (or ULTRIX ?)
manual requires to plug the card ONLY IF the KZQSA software support
is installed.

In short, you should put it only if the OS know how to handle it,
or you will be damned by the QBus gods.

Aparently, my 4000/200 runs well NetBSD with a unused KZQSA, but YMMV...