Subject: Re: Off Topic Question - Warning (PowerMac 5200)
To: John <>
From: linc <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/23/2001 23:22:27
> What's interesting about your off-topic post is that it was to the VAX
> mailing list...

Yeah, I did that on perpose because most of the other lists house too many
braggarts and butt heads.  The people on this particular list are not only
great, but generally extremely knowledgable and helpful.

> Some of the people in the port-macppc group are trying to get PowerPC 601s
> and NuBus-based PowerPC machines working in the NetBSD world.
> Until they do, the only Unixy thing you can install right now is MkLinux
> (see
> But since you are getting many, make sure you save at least one so you can
> help test NetBSD code on it.

If there is anyone local or willing to pay shipping I will gladly pick a
couple up. NetBSD 1.5 pmax mipsel