Subject: Re: MORE: Vaxen List Update...
To: linc <>
From: Brian Murray <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/23/2001 19:46:54
linc wrote:
> Still more *vaxen registrations* are coming...  

Well here's my "me too" ....

1.5 x VAX 11/750
	the "1" has 8Mb memory, 8xDZ11 (64 async ports), 3xRA81s, and a
        Thorn EMI Datatech 8900 9track tape drive (with an Emulex controller
        emulating a TS11), floating point, massbus controller.

	the "0.5" is a bunch of spare boards raped from another 11/750 (sorry
	couldn't save the whole machine)

1 x VAX 11/730

1 x Microvax 3100 (/30 I think...), 24Mb memory

Also, 2 x PDP-11/05 (with toggle switches and 16kb core memory), and
1 x PDP-11/34 ... they aren't "vaxes", I know, but...

I think that's all the Vaxen ....