Subject: Re: my latest haul (and QBus questions)
To: Brian Hechinger <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/21/2001 21:09:37
At 11:09 PM 7/21/01 -0400, Brian Hechinger wrote:
>VAX 4000/500 with 64MB RAM
>LPV11-SA parallel card
>KZQSA SCSI card (no MSCP, but supported by OpenVMS, sooooooo)

Yup, nice system. Fast too.

>ok, /500 will be a NetBSD box with that CMD card in it hands down, but 
>i've got
>some QBus related questions as pertaining to it.  it's a half width card in a
>SBox thingie.  the other half of the "card" is black plastic.  are there any
>limitations for the QBus in the BA440 that would cause me grief with this 
>as pertaining to bus grant cont.?

The Q bus goes along the top of the BA440 and there are *no* Q/Q slots. 
Thus cards that are dual width must go in the top and quad width cards have 
to be careful if they are next to another quad width card.

>also, when i plug this thing in and do a SHOW DEV at the >>> i lose my TK50.

Thats because the CQD card is being a tape controller too. Which is cool 
because it means that it is a "TM" model (both disk and tape emulation) and 
I don't care what isildur says, being able to talk to a SCSI tape is a darn 
useful thing on a VAX. :-)

>other than that, the CMS card also has an MMJ connector on it, what the heck
>is that for?

So you can talk to it of course! You can use the D/P/L stuff from the 
monitor or you can just plug your terminal into that MMJ on the card, hit 
return, and start configuring drives. Its really quite nice. That's one of 
the reasons folks really appreciate them.

>well, off to try and boot a VMS cd on this thing and get 7.2 on my cluster.

First rejumper it so that it starts its TMSCP emulation at the second tape 
device. That will keep the qbus happy otherwise the tqk70 and the cmd will 
argue with each other :-)