Subject: Re: xmit logic still dying?
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: RJ45 <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/20/2001 03:25:37
Have the same problem of yours expecially if I use samba heavyly.....


On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Michael Kukat wrote:

> Hello all,
> i just discovered a nice thing about this old problem with our dying xmit logic
> on the SGEC adapters. I just installed my RS/6000 and configured NIS on it, as
> my VAX also acts as NIS server. And it was about 10 minutes later... my VAX
> crashed again due to a big lack of network capabilities :)
> After booting, i got lots of these messages on my console:
> Jul 17 23:08:09 nereus /netbsd: ze0: xmit logic died, resetting...
> After logging in as root, the things got a bit more interesting, as this
> appears:
> Jul 17 23:31:21 nereus rpcbind: connect from to getport/addr(ypserv)
> Jul 17 23:31:26 nereus /netbsd: ze0: xmit logic died, resetting...
> Jul 17 23:31:26 nereus rpcbind: connect from to getport/addr(ypserv)
> Jul 17 23:31:32 nereus /netbsd: ze0: xmit logic died, resetting...
> You feel what i want to say? Every NIS request (don't know why it asks in 5
> second intervals...) results in one of those evil messages, which lead to a
> complete SGEC crash after a while. And now we continue:
> ./ypserv stop
> Stopping ypserv.
> nereus# ./rpcbind stop
> Stopping rpcbind.
> nereus#
> This can keep this state for a very long time... no more xmit logic illness.
> Could this help someone to get things a bit clearer in this problem? Or is it
> even solved yet? (My kernel is some days older :)
> Ok, the kernel version:
> NetBSD 1.5W NetBSD 1.5W (GENERIC) #0: Tue Jun  5 11:01:54 CEST 2001 vax
> If nobody knows a solution, how about a PR about this? I think, this really
> _IS_ a problem, as my VAX has uptimes between some hours and 40 days, depending
> on network traffic... I never really wanted to reboot it :(
> ...Michael
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