Subject: Vax 4000 200, come and get it.
To: '' <>
From: Dan Baker <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/19/2001 13:54:47
Illuminet has finally retired the vax and I have given up all pretense of
being a VMS administrator.
This machine is is in perfect running order. I just unplugged it today.
I have tried to install netbsd on it and found that it was unable to boot
from the tape I made. Whether this is a problem with the machine, the boot
file, the tape drive, the tape or just pilot error, I just don't have time
to figure out.

I have available the following hardware:

1 Vax 4000 200 with
2ea RF31 drives
TQK70 tape drive controller
1ea TK70 drives
MS650-BA scsi controller
CPU card with ethernet, console port, etc, etc
mounted in (I think) a BA215 cabinet

1 external drive enclosure (non-DEC)
with 2ea Seagate ST41650N drives (one unused, so far as i can tell)
1 Exabyte 8MM scsi tape

vt320 terminal,
decwriter serial printer

Some documentation.

VMS 5.4.1 install tapes
VMS 5.5 install tapes.
2 patch install tapes

There is some cosmetic damage to the front bezel caused by a desperate
administrator who lost the key.

One of the dia (rf31) drives has VMS 5.4.1 installed and running. It
complains a lot during boot up because I had to remove all company data and
software from the drives. It does however boot and seems to run normally. I
don't know whether you could extract a license from this install.

The machine is located in Lacey Washington (near Olympia). I will give the
machine to the first person who can come pick it up. (and help load it in
you car.) Otherwise, you will have to pay shipping, probably around $100 in
the lower 48.