Subject: Re: Kernel for VAX4000-105
To: =?iso-8859-1?Q?=22L=FCck=2C_Bernhard=22?= <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/19/2001 18:16:50

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, "L=FCck, Bernhard" wrote:
> the kernel you gave to me is running fine, thanks a lot. But where did yo=
> got the kernel from. I looked over and over but didn't find any matching
> kernel.(I know: you said I should use only t current kernel) On startup y=
> kernel is reporting to be a Version 1.5W. I couldn't find a ftp-site with
> this kernel.

This is just compiled from the CVS tree. 1st Version compiled on a VAXstati=
4000/90, and since it runs, i compile my kernels on the 4000/105A. How to
get the CVS files... just look at the NetBSD site, there are the docs. I us=
cvsup and have a daily -current CVS state here.
As a warning: the state of Monday seems to have a bug in the memory managme=
i tried a new kernel :)

> Now I trying to boot the VAX from a SCSI-Disk. I found descriptions for
> different tools (edlabel, copy, initboot, fdisk ..) to be used for prepar=
> a boot-disk. But ... I'm not clever enough to make it running that way.

Ehm... shame on me, i didn't get the booter supporting the 105A yet. But yo=
can boot the following way:

BOOT /103 EZA0

enter the filename of your MOP booter (maybe /3 boots a usual, with no file=
required), tell the booter just a "boot", and enter sd0a as root device,
followed by two returns for the default values, and here you go :)

> Is there a handy description for makeing a VAX with SCSI-Disk bootable,
> where are all the correct tools I can use and where is a SCSI Disk bootab=
> kernel??

My state i have in mind is the booter missing the support for the 105A scsi
controller. I didn't port this yet, due to a lack of time to find out where
to put it in.

> Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen / Regards,

Wieso schreiben wir eigentlich immer auf Englisch, da mu=DF man ja noch den=
ken :)


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