Subject: Re: FTP failed bad or no setup
To: Clint Wolff \(VAX collector\) <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/16/2001 15:13:37
On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Clint Wolff (VAX collector) wrote:

> Hi Stanley,
> The 'setenv TERM vt100' didn't work because the default
> shell for single user is '/bin/sh', not your normal
> login shell.

Correct. In order to set terminal type in sh you type:

export TERM

> What I generally do is the following:
> boot single user mode
> mount /
> mount /usr
> /bin/csh
> setenv TERM vt100
> vipw
> <fix password file>
> reboot system

If <fix password file> means changing a password, such as setting the root
password to nothing, it is *much* easier to just run passwd...

> As to your mopd problem, I dunno nuthin bout no mopd...

He's using the 1.5 version, which have a bug. Update mopd to 1.5.1 or
current, and things will work.


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