Subject: Re: FTP failed bad or no setup
To: Stanley Reynolds <>
From: John <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/2001 17:25:44
> >Again, allow ftp connections to your 4000/60 and rely
> >on Windows as
> >little
> >as possible.
> Well windows does have the advantage that I know how
> to use it. I did move my file to the root of c:\ on my
> PC but no change. Enabled ftp on 4000/60 and could
> start to connect but it wanted a password for root. It
> would not take a return or dummy password. So I made a
> big mistake and read how to change passwords, my first
> change with a 4 letter password didn't work so I used
> a eight letter password, that looked like it worked.
> But now I'am unable to login not sure what the
> password is now but it has one and it's not what I put
> in.

If you forgot the password, boot into single user mode and do:

mount /
mount /usr
vi /etc/master.passwd
(take out the stuff between the two : right after root)
pwd_mkdb -p /etc/master.passwd

Then root does not have a password anymore.

Then, add a user with a simple password. If you change the password of
that new user using root, and it says the password is too simple or
something, then just enter it again twice, and it will still use it.

Good luck,