Subject: ESDI (does anyone have a controller spare?)
To: None <>
From: Matt London <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/2001 13:11:31
  I was thinking this morning (dangerous occupation I know) and was
wondering if I can drop an ESDI controller in my MV3300 and hook up a
couple of ESDI drives (which I think I have a source of a couple).
  Now assuming the answer to that is yes, does anyone out there have a
QBUS ESDI controller they can spare? I'd be happy to offer something in
return (I don't have much spare VAXen kit, but I can probably get hold of
those funny green bits of paper the americans seem to like).
  Next question would be, is such a beast supported by NetBSD?

  With that I shall part, with a ridiculous thought; can you imagine a
QBUS USB controller?

*wanders off grinning

-- Matt

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