Subject: XMI memory interleave?
To: NetBSD port-vax <>
From: Robert F Schaefer <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/2001 07:34:37
About memory interleave on XMI ram for the larger VAXen, would it be
better to run many smaller boards as opposed to a few of the bigger
boards, ie 4x 32MB or 1x 128MB?  I want to eventually max out the ram as
well as processors in my 6320.  After the 6 processors and 2 XMI-BI
adapters, that leaves 4 slots.  I figure 4 64MB cards will bring me to the
hardware limit.  (Or will the 6000-300 machines go up to 512MB?)  But, if
there's a significant performance hit, I might just stay with 4x 32

ja ne