Subject: Re: VCB02 troubles
To: Brian Hechinger <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/10/2001 11:14:40
At 01:16 PM 7/10/01 -0400, Brian wrote:
>anyone have any experience with the VCB02?  i'm having a hard time to get mine
>to work.  i've gotten it to the point where it finally recognizing the things
>and attempts to use it as a conole, but i don't get any sane output on the
>monitor.  all it does it scroll fuzz up the screen.

I just hooked up a bunch of them and tested them. Getting DECWindows up was 
interesting :-)
There are several variables, one of which is this "Does your monitor accept 
composite sync on the green color input?" If not it will cause the picture 
to be unstable. The next question is "Does you monitor display 1024 x 768 x 
60hz video?" DEC monitors came in at least two fixed frequency versions 
1024 x 768 x 60 and 1280 x 1024 x 66.

>another thing.  i have a color cable and a mono cable.  with the mono cable
>hooked up i can get a keyboard to work.  with the color cable the keyboard
>doesn't work.

Read the numbers on the cable. There are two cables that look like they 
might work for the VCB02 but only one does.

>could i have a bad color cable?  could i have a bad VCB02 card?  i've got
>others that i could try.  got a couple graphics options actually.  i'll have
>to fart around some more, but if anyone has played with this stuff before, do
>you have any hints for me?

Good luck,