Subject: QBUS Board ID?
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/09/2001 22:31:30
Ok, here is a stump the audience question.

I've got a board that I found that was made by SMS. Its dual width, has a 
50 pin header that is terminated like a SCSI connection. A boatload of 
chips one big one marked

    N8X305N   A
    SKS8427     CT
  (hand lettered #4 on it)

and it is a 50! pin DIP (extra wide like 900 mils vs 300 or 600) There are 
a bunch of PALs with various serial numbers on them, 3 LEDs on the card 
edge (with the 50 pin connector) and a few jumpers, one connector marked 
"P4" (26 pin 2 x 13, .1" spacing)
about mid-board.

On the back it is marked:
	ProG Assy: 1002049-0001
	Assy No:   0004356-0001
	Serial Num TS 1668

Anyway, if I plug it into my trusty VAX and do a SHO DEV it doesn't appear, 
but if I do a SHO QBUS I've now got what the system thinks is a TSV05 
installed. This makes me wonder if it isn't a board that one can connect to 
a SCSI Cipher tape and get TSV05 emulation out of it. Anyone heard of this