Subject: Re: My first step towards a VAX 11/785 :-)
To: None <>
From: Gunther Schadow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/09/2001 22:36:55
I wrote: 
> Folks, I just won the bidding on the 11/785 board set that was
> on ebay. I'm thrilled, because the 11/785 is one of the few more
> VAXen I want besides my 6000-460. However, still need this beautiful
> cabinet and its infrastructure. I'm just asking that you consider
> me before you start building your next VAXbar out of one :-)

Sunday I found five large boxes in front of my house. Got 56 cards
ready to put into a 11/785 cabinet. What surprized me is how different
these cards look and feel from the VAX 6400 cards. They are larger
in size, yet thinner, and lighter in weight. Also the chips on the
cards look much less impressive than the VAX6400 chips. Looks like 
all small 10 to 20 pin TTL DIL style ICs. Is that right? Why am I 
missing a set of larger square ICs holding CPU etc? Is this because
the 11/780 isn't a microprocessor machine but rather several boards
per CPU with a printed circuit for what's usually engraved in silicone?

Does anyone know of an 11/785 cabinet that is spare?


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