Subject: Re: installation problem
To: None <>
From: Pawel Krawczyk <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/07/2001 15:01:22
On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 05:25:30PM +0200, wrote:

> disklabel -i ra0
> # (P prints the label, W writes, Q quits)

I've tried this already, but it still doesn't work. At the stage
of partition type selection in the disklabel -i it still crashes
and drops the core. On the ramdisk, it's impossible to free any more
space than I've already done because most is occupied by one crunchgen
binary. I'm not sure what's the problem - the machine has 16 MB of memory,
kernel shows that 12 MB is available, and the ramdisk only takes abou
1 MB. Of that, I was able to recover about 100 KB but it doesn't seem
to make any difference for the disklabel... Any ideas? Or maybe someone
could make some custom ramdisk with some more space and only the necessary
shell utilities needed to install the system over NFS.

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