Subject: Thinning the Herd...
To: None <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/04/2001 00:43:17
So I've decided that my basement has hit critical mass as far as VAXen
are concerned. I have bumped headlong into the reality that I really
can't afford to run my biggest VAXen - it's just not enough VUP/WATT, so
to speak. Plus, being a relitively new home-owner, I'm strapped for

I am putting up for sale, in whole or in part, the following systems to
the NetBSD/VAX community. Please email bids for parts or entire. The
systems themselves, and some of the bits (read: HDs) can get pretty
massive, so an entire system bid would have to include PICK UP from St.
Louis, as shipping would be ridiculous. I realize I could probably get
more on Ebay (especially for the covetted SCSI cards), but I want these
systems (or their parts) to continue in the NetBSD community. I may be
willing to trade some of this equipment for desktop VS4000 varieties -
particularly of the /90 vintage.

System 1:
VAX 4000/200
1 x 32Meg memory
2 x CMD CQD-443 SCSI Controller (7 devices, single-ended or
differential, but not mixed)
1 x TQK70 / TK70 Controller and Drive
1 x DELQA Ethernet (with S-Box handles)
BA213 case INCLUDING external DSSI terminator and two drive ID plugs,
and a front panel (labeled "MicroVAX 3800")

System 2:
KA-650 MicroVAX 3600
(unsure of the memory - at least 16)
1 x Dilog SQ739 SCSI controller (Beware - only works with drives 500 Meg
or Smaller)
1 x DELQA Ethernet (with BA[1]23 Cab Kit)
1 x TQK50 / TK50 Tape Controller and Drive
3 x 500M SCSI drives (HP I think - it's not here on site)
1 x QDSS Graphics system
 - includes 20" DEC monitor (I forget the vintage, but DAMNED heavy)
 - includes LONG KB, Mouse, Monitor cable - I think 20'
 - includes LK2xx KB and puc mouse
 - includes digitizer pad and mouse (if I can find them)
BA123 case

1 x Full-height DEC rack with front & back doors
 - includes 2 x BA213 chassis mounted one in front and one in back
 - includes QBus extension cards and cables
1 x half-height DEC rack
1 x half-height DEC rack with wider ventilated side panels
? x misc. Barracuda differential SCSI HDs of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10G
capacity. I'll try to post a detailed breakdown sometime next week. Note
that these are DIFFERENTIAL, not LVD.
3 x Rack-Mount SCSI enclosures - some DEC, some not. Each takes 6
drives. Two have one common bus, one has two seperate busses. I may be
able to scavange rails for these, I'm not sure.