Subject: S.O. tolerance (was: Re: VAX 4000 60 ... anything strange to get NetBSD up on it?)
To: Chuck Dickman <>
From: Ken Seefried <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/04/2001 01:34:50
My beloved wife (completely non-technical, artistic type) took one look at 
my collection before we got married and said " looks (and smells) 
like a bear den, but if it makes you happy to play with that stuff, we'll 
need a basement for it".  So we got married, and bought a house with a 
basement.  The basement is mine; all else is hers, although I'm allowed to 
borrow the kitchen to cook.  I've not tried to sneak in anything as bulky as 
a 6000, but pretty much everything else is fair game (including wiring the 
house with cat 5 and running dedicated 20A circuits).  I'm the happiest guy 
in the world; ain't love swell?