Subject: Re: Transmaeta VAX?
To: Todd Vierling , <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/02/2001 21:05:21
At 11:40 PM 7/2/2001 -0400, Todd Vierling wrote:
>On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Brian Chase wrote:
>: > mmm.. 1ghz PDP-8... :-)
>: Sure :-)  Or a 1GHz PDP-11 might be a little closer to home for the
>: VAXherds, but a PDP-8 would be nice too.
>Since port-vax appears to be a coffee klatsch list lately....
>Has anyone actually considered doing a *native* Crusoe port of NetBSD?
>Forget the morphers:  how about real VLIW?  Be rather fast on that low
>power, low heat chip.  :)

Yes. :)  [And that's all I can say on the subject.]
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