Subject: Re: Panic qe: chain packet
To: Iggy Drougge <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/2001 01:30:58
On 1 Jul 2001, Iggy Drougge wrote:

> At our usergroup, we've got amongst others a VAXstation II/GPX. At
> some point in time, someone has installed a very spartan NetBSD 1.1 on
> it. We'd like to upgrade it, or at least run it as a functioning node
> on our network, and this is where our trouble begins.
> The machine is equipped with a DEQNA which is extremely unreliable and
> insists on throwing the system into debug mode. After only minimal
> network traffic, such as pinging or a telnet login, it drops into the
> debugger with the message "Panic: qe (chained packet)".
> Infact, there doesn't even have to be any traffic specifically
> addressed to the DEQNA, the plain presence on the network is sometimes
> enough for the card to crash spontaneously.
> Is this a hardware or a software problem? Could it be solved, or are
> we shopping for a new DEQNA or DELNA?

You might try running a slow periodic ping from the 1.1 box in the
background to some other node when it's sitting on the net.  This is a
trick used to prevent the "ring overrun" errors on some later versions of
NetBSD/vax of the 1.2-1.4 era.  It may not be useful here, but it doesn't
hurt to try.

If that doesn't work, the it'd be worthwhile to attempt a netboot install
of 1.5.1 when it's finally rolled.  If that doesn't work, then start
worrying about getting a new DEQNA or DELQA.

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