Subject: netbooting issues
To: None <>
From: Dennis Grevenstein <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/30/2001 12:48:01

I tried to netboot a uVAX II following the Netboot howto.
It loads the NetBSD bootloader via mop/tftp, but stops showing the
following: "Press any key to abort autoboot 5" It does not count
down. If you press a key it prints "Trying BOOTP" and stops.
Nothing more. A packet sniffer does not show any network activity
after this point.
For testing purposes I set up a VAXstation 3100 for netbooting.
Using the same settings this VAX netboots without problems, even
with 32MB RAM installed. I did not want to open this machine first
and forgot it later. I guess the information in the Netboot FAQ
saying that a 3100 must not have more than 16MB RAM for netboot is
The reason why I am asking about the uVAX II allthough the FAQ says
that Q-bus machine are not supported for netbooting is that I was
told that these machines can indeed succesfully be netbootet.
Maybe anybody here can explain some things.
The uVAX II has a DELQA Ethernet board that is listed as supported
by NetBSD. The NetBSD version used was 1.4.1.