Subject: Updating MVII to MVII funzies/problems.
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/29/2001 09:51:40
I took the boardset out of the VS3200, and combined bits with bits from
my MV3300 to come up with a MVIII mostly, in a BA123.  The speed change
was most refreshing, compared to the MVII slowness.

Two problems, though:

1.  I have a 3 connector ram bus cable from the thing and 3 ram boards.
    That gives me 24mb ram and I would like to up it to 32mb.  Is all I
    need to do is whip up a 4 connector ram bus cable, and drop the 3rd
    ram board in for 32mb (pulling the grant card, first.....(:+}}...)?

2.  I subbed a delqa for a deqna, and started having horrendous ring
    buffer timeout problems on all NetBSD versions.  I put the deqna
    back in, and all is fine.  Perusing the code of if_qe.c (I think
    that was the right file), I noticed that the code originally came
    from DEC in 1984, where the ring buffer was 4 units.  The Berkeley
    boyz upped that to 8 units in 1985.  After that time, someone took
    an ifdef to weed out the offending buffer error message (although
    the stock 1.5 does not do that).  Does the ring buffer require
    enlarging again to say 12 or 16 units, to keep from losing packets
    and having to resync, ad nauseum?  It happened when I updated from
    the MVII KA630 cpu to the MVII KA650 cpu.