Subject: Re: How's 6310 support?
To: Erno Palonheimo <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/29/2001 02:14:38
On 29 Jan 2001, Erno Palonheimo wrote:

> Anders Magnusson <> writes:
> > Current status: The machine can load the kernel but due to missing
> > support for some of the bus interfaces it cannot mount any root filesystem.
> > I have enough docs to make it running, the only problem is to have
> > spare time so that I can hack on this.
> Hmm.  Could you send me a copy of the documentation somehow - or is it
> available from Digital directly?  I installed the fans into my 6310
> last week and it's now ready to boot over net...  I also have a 6320
> and the HSC50 disk controller thing.  If anyone in Scandinavia has
> surplus RAxx disks, I'm interested as the machines don't have any
> local disk now.  Btw, the 6310 has 64MB and the 6320 apparently has
> 192MB of main memory. :-)

Hmmm. Think there might be some RA82-disks availabel in Uppsala. You want
me to check this out?


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