Subject: Re: More raining VAXentoyz -- VAXstation 3200 today
To: Lord Isildur <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/26/2001 15:45:38
Lord Isildur drunkenly mumbled...
> any others? ive seen pix from the vaxpower meets in germany, that would be
> really cool to do here. I think eastern PA would probably be about the 
> best place to meet (not like any self-respecting resident of pittsburgh 
> would ever advocate being in philly for any reason ;-) , but who might be 
> interested?

i try to avoid Pittsburg.  nasty place. :)  i try to avoid Philly too for the
same reason. :)

>  alas, sooner than later probably doesnt work very well for me.. maybe in 
> march or so? (i dont trust my car for any long treks at the moment,
> anyway) 
> yeah, if people came to pittsburgh we coudl camp in one of CMU SCS's machine
> rooms or something hahahaha (theres at least one VAX still running there)
> (too bad i dont have raised flooring installed in the home machine room 
> :) we need to get like 5 or 6 people (or more!! :) , that would be a bone 
> fide vaxenfest

i won't be able to store people in my house for two to three months at the 
least.  still have to finish going through all our stuff and chucking what we
don't need/want since we half half the room in this house as we did the old 
house.  the old house was crappy, but it was HUGE.  had rooms we never even 
used.  that that's three people and a child.

> i shoudl revive my tradition of annual VAX TREKs - rent a truck and go 
> with a few friends to rescue some big iron- but ill need a bigger 
> house first. (ive gone as far as boston!) 

i just did this two weekends ago.  237 miles.  24' Penske truck.  didn't even
come close to filling it (made a nice "layer" on the floor) but i needed the
height and the lift-gate, and all the smaller trucks (15') with lift gates
were all rented.  plus this thing had a manual tranny, which i prefer since i
just don't think diesel, automatics and huge trucks mix.

we gotta get organized, i'm going to be doing a trip to Troy, NY with a friend
who lives in VA somewhere.  he's got some stuff up there from when he lived
there (he went to RPI) and he'd like to get it to his new place.  and that's
when i get to pick up my 11/750!! :)  he's a big fan of boston, so i'm sure
it wouldn't be too much trouble to swing up that way if we can get our hands
on some cool VAXentoys.  $.29 a mile is a reasonable rate for such a large