Subject: Re: More raining VAXentoyz -- VAXstation 3200 today
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/26/2001 21:03:01
On 26 Jan, Matt London wrote:

>> hmmm, hold it in europe somewhere.  my company is owned by a french company
>> which in turn was just bought by a swedish company (Mack Trucks, Renault, and
>> Volvo) so i may be able to swing a business trick to europe (i don't understand
>> this application, i /HAVE/ to go to france, heh)
> UK would be fantastic (I could make that), but france *might* be makable -
> I dunno tho :&/ Anywhere else is prolly out of the question for me
I can not make any promise. Our host Christophe L. and his wife have to
do all the work and so it is there decision to organize the meeting or
not und invite the people they want to be there. 
But as I know Christophe (Tach der Herr. ;-)  ) and his lovely wife they
will do the job and every international guest is welcome. Normaly the
meeting will be near Karlsruhe in south west Germany, 200m up to the
french border. 

So stay tuned to this channel to hear a public invitation later this
year. :-)



p.s. Christophe, ich will dir da nicht irgendwie vorgreifen oder dich
"hinten rum" zu was überreden.