Subject: Re: almost there!
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/26/2001 14:15:48
Chuck McManis drunkenly mumbled...
> Discount Computer Peripherals claims to have several CQD-223/TMs in stock, 
> $1395 each :-(

yeah, i'm familiar with these dorks.  want like $700 for a dual-width QBus
GPIB.  good thing i already have three. :)

> You could probably get by with just one. You put it on one system, install 
> VMS, then on the next system you cluster to that first system install VMS, 
> etc. Same thing is true for NetBSD.

i'd really like SCSI disks on the two VAXen that will run NetBSD.  unless i
can scavange stuff from the tossed 6000 boxes (see more later)

> That being said, if you have _any_ VAX with a CD-ROM drive you can use the 
> cluster trick to share it.

nope, none.

> So for $800 anyone can get a SCSI controller _right now_. Wait and watch 
> and listen and within 6 to 9 months you can usually get one for less than 
> that.

when i said i was willing to pay, i was thinking more along the lines of $50
maybe $100 max.

> It would be interesting to know the configuration. That seems a bit high 
> for a scrapper, perhaps it went to a good home.

ok, just got the scoop.  two 6510 boxes each hooked up to storage arrays of
1GB DSSI disks (some were upgraded to 2GB DSSI disks) they were the "center hub"
of a VAXcluster here that no longer exists (the good news is that there are
some VAX 4000 boxen up strairs that no longer have any idea what's going on
now that the cluster's master nodes are gone.  i should probably be able to
get them i have a feeling.

just called the company that pulled the two VAXen out, and they are gone 
already.  they are a DEC (Compaq) VAR, so they either send the stuff back to 
Compaq, or sell it, but they never hold on to stuff for very long if they can 
help it.)

> >also, they just threw away all their 7.x VAX media last week since they didn't
> >need it anymore. :)
> Now that is a sad story.

looks like this box got sent back to Compaq, or re-sold.  these guys don't
scrap themselves, but a buyer might.  so it's hard to tell.  that pair of
6510s probably got scavanged at the very least, so the stuff is getting