Subject: Re: almost there!
To: Douglas Meade <,>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/26/2001 10:50:48
At 01:39 PM 1/26/2001 -0500, Brian Hechinger wrote:
>i need 2 (want 3) QBus SCSI cards for my VAX 4000 boxen.  willing to pay. 
>let me know where i can get some.

Discount Computer Peripherals claims to have several CQD-223/TMs in stock, 
$1395 each :-(

Mitch Miller over at lists several in stock, he also has 
the Emulex UC-08-III (you'll have to mail him for a quote but I bet it will 
be less than DCP wants, they are my high water mark for ridiculous prices)

The guys at list one for $745 (see how ridiculous the DCP guys 

You could probably get by with just one. You put it on one system, install 
VMS, then on the next system you cluster to that first system install VMS, 
etc. Same thing is true for NetBSD.

That being said, if you have _any_ VAX with a CD-ROM drive you can use the 
cluster trick to share it.

So for $800 anyone can get a SCSI controller _right now_. Wait and watch 
and listen and within 6 to 9 months you can usually get one for less than 

>on another note, i shoulda started farting around with the VAXen a couple of
>weeks ago, work tossed the last VAXen (a 6000!!!  the company that pulled it
>out gave them like $2500 for it, and i never would have been able to compete)

It would be interesting to know the configuration. That seems a bit high 
for a scrapper, perhaps it went to a good home.

>also, they just threw away all their 7.x VAX media last week since they didn't
>need it anymore. :)

Now that is a sad story.