Subject: Re: almost there!
To: Douglas Meade <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/26/2001 13:39:01
Douglas Meade drunkenly mumbled...
> Brian,
> Why don't you get the 7.2 hobbyist version?  It includes a newer 
> version of UCX, and I have found it very easy to set up.  If you 
> don't have a CD, I also have a procedure around here somewhere
> for making TK50 boot tapes.

hmmm, well this is the one billionth time that i've heard "use 7.2" so i'll
keep those 5.5 tapes for posterity sake now. :)  i'll order the CD right now,
so it'll be here soonish.  i do need the instructions on how to get it all
to TK50, unless someone can help me procure SCSI boards for these things (i 
have compatilble CD-ROM drives, just no SCSI cards for the VAXen)

i need 2 (want 3) QBus SCSI cards for my VAX 4000 boxen.  willing to pay. please
let me know where i can get some.

on another note, i shoulda started farting around with the VAXen a couple of 
weeks ago, work tossed the last VAXen (a 6000!!!  the company that pulled it
out gave them like $2500 for it, and i never would have been able to compete)

i'm going to try and track these people down and see if they will let me
scavenge it at all (who knows, you never find out if you don't try)

also, they just threw away all their 7.x VAX media last week since they didn't
need it anymore. :)

anyway, if anyone else is interested in the 6000 and has the money (it was
a two cabinet system, not real up on my 6000 hardware, so that's all i know)
i can try to put you in contact with the company that pullled it out (if they
still have it, it was pulled end of december)

eastern PA since you probably don't want to ship this thing.  i can store it
if need be.