Subject: Re: DSSI auto-spinup
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Pierre-Michel Ricordel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/26/2001 17:19:02
> > PM, --I like VAXen, but I hate noise--
> Those two personality traits are almost mutually exclusive :-)
> I find that if you get enough different systems going, you get kind of a
> white noise effect with the aggregate noise of all the systems.  It's
> almost soothing.

Well, one of my obsession is to "silent" my computers.
Natural convection, big heatsinks and acoustic foam are my credo,
Fans and harddrives are my foes :-)
My heaven is an insonorized computer room, but for the moment,
my computer room is also my living room :-(
I successfully silenced a PeeCee and a Sun 3/60 (almost fanless).
For the 4000-200, I finally decided to remove the RF71s.
Very quiet now !
The next step is to disable one of the two big fans.
It's more tricky, because if you just unplug it, the power
supply stops in a "fan failure" mode.
I have to shunt the probe line of the second fan to the probe
of the first one to trick the PSU.

VAXensounds are cool, yeah, but not 24/24...