Subject: Re: Compiler timings on varous MVII NetBSDs etc.
To: David Brownlee <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 19:22:39
> 	Once again, compare like with like - try using the same vintage
> 	gcc on both platforms, with the same source, and running a kernel
> 	with the same support.

OK, I be the dummy wat spoke out of his hat....

I got..... MVII with 4.3BSD           7mb ram
           MVII with Ultrix42         7mb ram
           MVII with NetBSD12        13mb ram
           MVII with NetBSD13        13mb ram
           MVII with NetBSD143       13mb ram
           MVII with NetBSD15        13mb ram
           MV3100/10 with NetBSD143  16mb ram
           MV3100/10 with NetBSD15   16mb ram
           MV3100/10 with Ultrix45   16mb ram
           MV3100/M38 with NetBSD143 16mb ram
           MV3100/M38 with NetBSD15  16mb ram
           MV3100/M38 with Ultrix45  16mb ram
           MV3100/M76 with NetBSD15  32mb ram

These are across 5 machines, bootable on separate systems by
bringing up identical disks with different systems loaded.
The configs are identical, all stripped of anything except
MVII in the case of the MVII critters, and VS3100 in the
case of the 3100 line critters.

Lets get to brass tacks.  What information do we need to get?
                          What software to install to get it?
                          How to best run sofware/machines to get info?

> 	Better still, run the same application on both and see.

That is what I have been doing in a crude way, and that is how I
saw the MVII problems.  Now it is time to do it the official way.

> 	I agree there are issues (which is why tech-perform has been set
> 	up), and we should also be providing 'lean' kernels with minimal
> 	device support, but there are much better metrics than compiler
> 	time.

Well, lets bang some metrics on the ol' VAXencritters......

Your ball.....

What I would like to see is the leanest, meanest MVII critter in town.
If that machine is optimized, the other machines will all benefit.

I am the dummy in this arena.  But, I want to see NetBSD VAX get a
speed boost.  The old machines are just crawling, in 1.5.
Spell out for the dummy what you need and how you need it obtained.
Then, maybe we can fix what is needing fixing, and all have a good