Subject: Re: Compiler timings on varous MVII NetBSDs etc.
To: None <>
From: Matt London <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 19:16:00
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On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Brian Hechinger wrote:

> i just hope thie new list can help make some inroads to the performance
> problem.  too much of the PC minset is being adopted (well, CPUs and RAM are
> so fast/cheap, who cares) when on the other hand NetBSD is trying to maintain
> this "runs on anyt platform" ideology, but the two DO NOT MIX.

I remember learning to program Sinclair BASIC on my ZX Spectrum 48k back
when I was 4 years old. I learnt that programs should be tight and simple
so that things worked well. Now comparing that to a friend of mine, when
our teacher taught us C in A-Level computing, who wrote a couple of progs,
which I looked at and thought "that's messy", it ran "alright" on the
machines in the labs, which were fairly new, and apparently it ran "really
well" on his machine at home. Wouldn't have nice at all to see it on the
machines we *used* to have in the labs. The reason the PC mindset has
arisen is cause people who've learnt to code like to have nice setups (in
the PC way, not nice like a VAXentoy) and so learn their programming style
there, and don't have the same values as those of us that used to play
with baby 1MHz Z80 setups :&) (I still have a working ZX spectrum, and a
working TRS-80 model 1, etc). Not that my C code is anything special, and
I really ought to get into systems programming so I can do something
constructive :&)

- -- Matt

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