Subject: Re: Misc 7000 class boards --- what are they?
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: Mattias Nordlund <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 18:34:32
On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 10:52:12AM -0500, NetBSD Bob wrote:
> OK, I dug into the innards of my DEC 7000 class critter, last night,
> and these are the boards it has:
> 1.  ME35394582-E2040-AB C01  182mhz Alpha processor  (Darn, it would have
>                                                       been fun if VAX!)
I could trade you a model 600 vax cpu for it if you want, I have two in my 
machine but would like to be able to run dual alpha in mine also (have a E2040
laying around)

> 2.  ME34979128-E2044-AA F05  I/O processor
> 3.  E2846-AT D02 ZG41101225  512mb ram module
> 4.  T2020 XMI board (what is it?)

Seems like a DEMNA, XMI Ethernet controller.
> 5.  T2030-YA A02 board (what is it?)

Something called "CLOCK & ARBITRATION MODULE" I have no Idea.
Will open up the VAX7620 here and see if I have such a card.
> 6.  T2028-AA board (what is it?)

Something called "DWLMA-AA" it's the card that bind the Futurebus and XMI together with the E2044-AA (IOPC Module)
> 7.  T2029-AB GA series board (these are the scsi boards?)  (3 each)

These are KZMSA, XMI scsi controller, should work in both DEC/VAX7000 and DEC/VAX10000 but not in any older VAX systems.
> 8.  T2029-AB AY series board (different scsi board?) (1 each)

Same as above.
> 9.  DEFAA ethernet
DEFAA is a FDDI controller for Futurebus+ (are you sure thats the right name? as Futurebus+ is only a AlphaServer 8x00 bus)

> 10.  82003-AA board (used in ethernet chassis for bus run?)

Don't have the slightest idea.

> What are these boards?
> All I want to keep is the minimum set needed to get the DEC 7000 Alpha
> box up.  The spare boards are up for grabs.  I would like to keep them
> in the VAXencrewe or Alphabitscrewe in NetBSD.  I don't want any money
> for the boards.  IFF you have any MVII or MVIII qbus bits that you might
> want to trade, I might be interested.  IFF you don't have anything to
> trade, and can make some case for needing the board, I would still
> be interested in passing the spares along.
> So, what is needed to keep the minimal Alpha running?  I assume it
> is 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9.  That leaves the 3 scsi boards open for grabs.
> Also, I have two each TZ867 7 tape loaders available, from the
> StorageWorks cabinet that went with the machine.  I don't need
> them, and could probably turn a buck or two on ebay with them,
> but, I want to give first dibs to the VAXencrewe, not for money,
> but for trading fodder.  These are awfully big and heavy to ship,
> so probably need to be picked up from Raleigh, NC.  Anyone have
> an interest in them for trade?
> IFF I can't do anything with the rest of the machine, then down the
> road a bit, the rest of the boards will be up for grabs.  The machine
> itself is too big for shipping.
> Bob