Subject: Misc 7000 class boards --- what are they?
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 10:52:12
OK, I dug into the innards of my DEC 7000 class critter, last night,
and these are the boards it has:

1.  ME35394582-E2040-AB C01  182mhz Alpha processor  (Darn, it would have
                                                      been fun if VAX!)

2.  ME34979128-E2044-AA F05  I/O processor

3.  E2846-AT D02 ZG41101225  512mb ram module

4.  T2020 XMI board (what is it?)

5.  T2030-YA A02 board (what is it?)

6.  T2028-AA board (what is it?)

7.  T2029-AB GA series board (these are the scsi boards?)  (3 each)

8.  T2029-AB AY series board (different scsi board?) (1 each)

9.  DEFAA ethernet

10.  82003-AA board (used in ethernet chassis for bus run?)

What are these boards?

All I want to keep is the minimum set needed to get the DEC 7000 Alpha
box up.  The spare boards are up for grabs.  I would like to keep them
in the VAXencrewe or Alphabitscrewe in NetBSD.  I don't want any money
for the boards.  IFF you have any MVII or MVIII qbus bits that you might
want to trade, I might be interested.  IFF you don't have anything to
trade, and can make some case for needing the board, I would still
be interested in passing the spares along.

So, what is needed to keep the minimal Alpha running?  I assume it
is 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9.  That leaves the 3 scsi boards open for grabs.

Also, I have two each TZ867 7 tape loaders available, from the
StorageWorks cabinet that went with the machine.  I don't need
them, and could probably turn a buck or two on ebay with them,
but, I want to give first dibs to the VAXencrewe, not for money,
but for trading fodder.  These are awfully big and heavy to ship,
so probably need to be picked up from Raleigh, NC.  Anyone have
an interest in them for trade?

IFF I can't do anything with the rest of the machine, then down the
road a bit, the rest of the boards will be up for grabs.  The machine
itself is too big for shipping.