Subject: Re: Compiler timings on varous MVII NetBSDs etc.
To: Matt London <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 10:30:53
> > I don't mine the play, ... it keeps me out of the bar, and chasing
> > VAXens (instead of Vixens!).
> ehehe - I'd get a telling off from my g/f if I were out at the bar chasing
> vixens, I could use a beer ATM tho...

All I need to do is find a wild red dress for one of my VAXens!
(I ought to paint up a cover in candy apple red, for the fun of it.)
And a beer would help, too.  (:+}}...


> Someone from the list very kindly sent me a couple of 4M cards for my
> mv3100 m10e (2 in case 1 was dead) - and with 8M it's useable, but I can't
> do anything serious with it running 1.5 (so I've noted). I'm not having
> much success trying to get my hands on larger memory cards either. I
> really wanna get my box doing something other than just sitting there
> looking pretty and making clickclick cliclickclickclick noises :&)

Which ram boards does the MV3100/10E use?  Is that still the piggyback
pair off the motherboard?  IF it is, I have a spare pair that I think
are an 8 main and a 4 piggyback board.  That should get you up to 12M.
Send me your snailmail address and they are yours.  What you don't use,
pass on to another on the list.

> > > The last time I complained about this to the EGCS folks the answer
> > > was "but PeeCees are so cheap, just buy one and cross compile!"
> > > Not my answer of choice.
> > 
> > Geesh!   Strap a VAX 11/750 onto those guys and get them to fix the
> > compiler, in 8M ram...... right!
> Yeah - some of us don't have (read can't be bothered reconfiguring) any
> ix86 boxen with NetBSD just to crosscompile, although I may do one day if
> things carry on this way.

I have taken to compiling big things on my VS3100/M76 box at 7 VUPS as
opposed to my MVII at 1 VUP.  That helps some.  I would really hate to
have to stoop to a PeeCee to do that, although I have this 7000 class
Alpha biggiemachine sitting out in the shed.....(:+}}...
> Something really is up if things don't improve :&/

Others see the problem, too...

> Just out of interest - can you find something to compile that has a
> fixed(ish) running time, so you can compare the efficiency of the output
> from different compiler versions?

I have been thinking about that.  Probably the best thing to do is
compile up a set of wet/dry/other stones and work those up.  I tried
to get lmbench up, but perl would not finish compiling on the MVII,
even after 36 hours, so I gave up.  We have reached the 16mb memory
wall (i.e., it won't now work unless you have MORE than 16mb ram).
That is hard to do on a lowly MVII or MV or 11/7xx critter.


p.s. For those with a MVII class SLOW machine problem, like me, lets
     all sign up on the tech-perform list and see if something can
     be done.