Subject: VAXStation 4000/90 install - another
To: None <>
From: Stephan Schwerzmann <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 10:45:07
Hello 'VAXtechs',

  I saved a nice VAXStation 4000/90 from the dumpster, with even
32MB RAM and a 1G RZ26 in it.
  I'm now trying to get NetBSD/vax-1.5 on it by means of the 
NetBSD-1.5 multiboot iso image available from

  I've set the switch on the back for serial console.
(Patrice, I'm not sure, do you use the built in console? it is 
possible that since NetBSD doesn't support the graphics adapter
all further output is on the serial console...)

  Other than Patrice L. explains in his posting, my machine boots
happily from an external RRD42 CD drive and sysinst prompts me 
with its menu.

  The problem is that when it would come to partition the disk
sysinst tells me that it could not find any appropriate harrdisk
to use as install target...  :-(
 (all devices can be seen with >>>SHO DEV) doesn't tell that
the built in SCSI controller isn't supported...

  Q: What steps do I have to do in order to get NetBSD on the disk?

  thanks in advance


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