Subject: I am happy, my VS3100 is happy...
To: None <>
From: Stephan Schwerzmann <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/23/2001 10:43:13
I am happy, my VS3100 is happy...
  Thank you, NetBSD team!

- -

  I collect some old computers (no, not that old and
ouh.. not really computers: most are macs!-) and time
ago I also saved two VAXStations from going to the 
dumpster since I knew about NetBSD/vax.

  One is a VS3100m76 SPX with an internal 425MB RZ25 HD
and 'full'o'ram' (don't ask how much, but in every
socket there's a module plugged in :-) plus a Storage
Expansion with another RZ25 and a RRD42 CD drive.
  The other is a VS4000/90 with an internal 1GB (RZ26 ?)
HD and 'full'o'ram' too.

  About a year ago I started with a file named something
like boot_cd_fs or the like that contained NetBSD/vax-1.4.1
but i never succeeded in having sysinst unpacking the 
binary sets to the HD: all tricks with /var, do-the-job-by-hand
etc. did not help... I gave up.

  Last week at work (where I'm forced to use NT equipment)-: 
I downloaded the NetBSD-1.5 multiboot iso image available 
from and tried again. (*)
  I got smarter so I checked the MD5 checksum with one of 
the freeware programs I found on to make sure the
result of my download was ok.
  Adaptec CD Creator put that stuff on CD-R.

  Well, a night few days ago your software installed onto 
the VS3100 without a hitch! The machine booted smoothly from 
CD and sysinst did its work as expected. (full install)
  The ol'fellow is alive again!

  Now it's up to me to make fatfingers and misconfigure 
the box :-)

  anyway: thankyou all for the great work!


(*)  When I browse thru [ftp|www] I easily get lost,
does that iso image also lay around on your site somewhere?
What exactly is inside the rather small *iso files on ?

The name specified is not recognized as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
C:\> bet! uptime is an unknow _concept_ in Redmond!