Subject: Re: Compiler timings on varous MVII NetBSDs etc.
To: None <>
From: emanuel stiebler <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/22/2001 14:11:00
Brian Chase wrote:

> Well.. even beyond the ANSI C requirements, a good amount of code
> on GNU C specific behaviors.  Sad, but true.  It's probably not so
> that it'd be a reason to give up hope on using something else than
> What about lcc?  Would that be a viable choice?
> We would have to add support for the generation of VAX object
code.  I'm
> not sure if that would be more or less difficult than adding ANSI
> support to pcc2.

What you get as a compiler there, is not really production quality.
You would still have enough to do besides of the code generator.
And, what the worst part, the poeple on the mailing-list are 99.99%
windows users.
So happy talking about direct-x on a VAX ;-)