Subject: Re: BiggieVAX rebuilding funzies
To: Carlini, Antonio <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/22/2001 12:20:17
> >Hmm.  6000 has XMI and VAXBI, or whatever - if the card plugs into
> >either one of them, I'll be more than happy to pay for the shipping!
> >:-)
> I guess Bob has a few KZMSA (XMI-->SCSI) cards spare. But before
> you pay postage you may want to check whether they are supported
> at all on a VAX platform. Some of the later XMI cards had
> different firmware (and hence different part numbers)
> depending on whether they were intended to be used on
> VAX or Alpha platforms. Some other cards had firmware that
> would only work on the Alpha platform (i.e. the effort
> required to make VAX work at all never happened).
> I believe that the XMI SCSI adapter falls into the
> latter category and will not work on any VAX XMI
> platform. I'm not absolutely certain of this, but I
> am certain that I had access to the innards of an 
> DEC 7000 several years ago to "feed" my VAX 6000
> and neither the SCSI XMI nor the DSSI XMI card
> came across.

OK, for those hands that wanted these cards, I can probably free
up 3 of the 4, since I don't envision needing more than one, myself.

Let me know which part numbers you need for the VAX version, and
if there are any other ID info (rom numbers, or such?) that I need
to look at to make sure these will work in VAXen.  I wanna give
first grabsies to the VAXencrewe, but if they won't work in VAXen
I will pass them onto the Alphabits crewe if they can use them.

I will look for part numbers and that kind of info on my boards
and get back later.