Subject: 4000/200 Booting Troubles.
To: None <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/22/2001 09:08:47
So I've got my 4000/60 up and running on it's own drives now, and I've
finally transferred my 4000/200 from the fridge-sized rack-mount case to
the large pedastel BA215. I've got a few problems, though, and I need
some expert advice.

First regarding board placement - I've got, in order:
MS660 (well, memory card - don't know the number)
TQK70 (Dual)
CMD443 SCSI (Quad)
CMD443 SCSI (Quad)

I'm assuming that I can leave the three slots empty, as they should be
Q/CD anyway, right? I seem to rememer there being 5 Q/CD slots in the
BA215, but I could be wrong. When I power the machine on, it gives the
all's well. If I do SHOW QBUS, it shows the two drive controllers and
the TQK70. If I do SHOW DEV, it shows the onboard DSSI (no drives, not
terminated), the two CMD443's (also no drives, not terminated), the
TQK70, and the built-in EZA0 ethernet.

Here's the fun part. If I try to boot from EZA0, it seems to go well -
it loads the kernel, shows a bunch of stuff, shows "SHAC on ibus0 not
supported" (or something of the like), then "uba0 at ibus0 (Q22)" - then
stops. Just freezes, doesn't do any more. This is original as-released
1.5 - have there been any changes since that would fix this? Or is this
indicating that I've got the cards in the wrong slots?

Any help would be most appreciated. I'm planning on hooking up the first
drive rack and getting this bad boy booting locally tonight, if