Subject: Re: MicroVAX 3400 questions.
To: lpt1 <>
From: Erno Palonheimo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/21/2001 21:23:51
lpt1 <> writes:

> Well, I've got a 3400 up and running here, and I've done some work on a few 
> of them around town. The first thing I would check is your handshaking, 
> make sure you've got hardware handshaking on for your terminal/pc, and the 
> correct wiring to umm...err...equiv to cts on the vax..can't remember what 
> they call it now. But, all the 3400's I've seen insist the line be high for 
> it to send.

I'm using a DEC VT320 terminal here.  I've tried options DEC-423, data
wires only & DEC-423, modem control.  Neither works.  I lowered the
speed to 2400bps just in case my cable is too crappy - no success,
either.  I even pulled all the modules out except for the "load
module" (what's this?) and processor & memory modules.  The system has
two DSSI disks but the DSSI terminator seems to be missing.  Any help
is appreciated.  I've tried two different home-brew cables, two
plier-edited phone line cables, two different terminals and even two
different VAXes (I got two of them for very cheap :-).

> Second thing I'd check is the thumbwheel switch behind the bulkhead for the 
> CPU, I've seen several boxes where it was upped to 19200 baud.

Done already...

> I've got a nice little RS-232 LED box I leave in place on my cable, I'm 
> using a 'clipped' rj12 and every once in a while, it decides to work it's 
> way loose.

I made the cable myself - two MMJ connectors and the pin-out I explained.

Erno Palonheimo ; ; ; +358505604765