Subject: Re: VST2000+ software
To: Frederik Meerwaldt <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/21/2001 10:40:39
Frederik Meerwaldt drunkenly mumbled...
> Hi!
> VST2000+?! Do you mean a VXT2000+?

but of course.  it was too late when i typed that, and VST looked fine to me. :)

> You have most likely the OpenVMS Freeware CD. It is in the OpenVMS
> Files-11 format. You need an OpenVMS Machine to read this CD. And then
> there are 2 OpenVMS Savesets for the VXT2000+ Software on this CD, which
> you have to install on your OpenVMS Machine with @sys$update:vmsinstal to
> get the vxt.sys and vxtex.sys (the bootfiles).

Michael is going to email me the stuff so i don't have to wait until tomorrow
to get this thing running.  i have access to OpenVMS at work, but i don't have
anything to run it on at home right now.

thanks for the help!!!