Subject: some questions
To: vaxlist <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/20/2001 15:37:37

While running NetBSD 1.5 on my uVax II i get this error about 10 times a
/netbsd: qe0: xmit logic died, resetting...
I understand it has something to do with the ethernet controller, but what
exactly and what can i do about it?

And other question i have is about shared memory. After some problems i
finally compiled posgresql-7.0.3 but now when i want to start the server i
get an IpcMemoryCreate error. According to the manual it has something to do
with my shared memory, i'm now compiling a new kernel in which i have turned
"# System V shared memory & semaphores support." all on. But in the manual
they also talking about enlaring the limit on the size of shared memory
areas in my kernel. I have looked for that but couldn't find how to do that.
So how do it do that ? Or isn't that possible?

thank you,