Subject: Re: BiggieVAX rebuilding funzies -- need VAX/DEC 7000 info
To: NetBSD Bob <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/19/2001 14:04:10
When disassembling my DEC 7000 crate (same as VAX 7000 crate)
the internal power supply is, GET THIS!  120vac single phase!!!!!
IFF that really is what it is, and the label says it is, then I can
maybe run my DEC/VAX 7000 crate off ordinary 110v house power!!  Yippee!
I was most highly and quite flabbergasted when I read that label!
There is maybe some hope for the powermad DEC/VAXencrates!

Speaking of The VAX/DEC 7000 series CPU cabinet systems, anyone got
any sort of technical docs on them, particularly power wiring diagrams.
I need to see what exactly is fed where in that 120 volt power module,
and if it needs any special controlling circuitry to get it rolling.
I still have all the bits, but the cabling was a downright nightmare.
If all I need is input power to that module to run the thing, that would
be much simpler and nicer to do.

Gads, I can see the headlines now.... OldType Computer Geek browns out
US power grid, running old Digital 7000 machine.  News at 11.

Actually the machine only has one cpu board, and one ram board
(probably 128M ram?), and 4 scsi controllers.  IFF I can be a
bit craftsmanshiplike, and fit things appropriately, I should be
able to shoehorn the beastie into a half rack cabinet, drives and all.
My guess is that without all the bit power dissipating crap, I can
probably throttle the thing down to maybe 500-1000 watts power input.
Much better than 5.5 kw!

On another line... what is the processor speed (275mhz?) and what
is the likely size of the ram module (120M?).

What fun it is in VAXentoyz land, today.....(:+}}...

Hmmm, and the DEC list said it couldn't be done... Ho, ho, ho!
We NetBSD freaks will show them how to do it, right!

Thanks for any leads and input to wiring diags on the beast.