Subject: Re: BiggieVAX rebuilding funzies
To: Erno Palonheimo <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/19/2001 13:52:32
> Greetings,
> I'm about to revive my 6310 this weekend - I have the 3-phase
> 380V@10A.  Someone had dismantled the fans from the box, but I have
> the fans separately - how should they be assembled?  I'm not too sure
> about this and I don't want to fry the machine.  And, furthermore, are
> there any SCSI controllers available for this box, or do I need to
> hunt RA drives for it from somewhere?

The ol' greybeard Geek BSD codger, here, just got hold of his fancy
VAX 7000 crate, that actually turned out to be an Alpha DEC 7000 crate.
There are 4 scsi controllers in this crate, and I only plan on running
one or two.  If you can use one of them (I will have to dig in its
innards and see exactly what the thing actually is, but it appears to
be a normal VAX 7000 XBI? scsi controller).  If that works in your machine,
you are welcome to it.

Also, when disassembling my DEC 7000 crate (same as VAX 7000 crate)
the internal power supply is, GET THIS!  120vac single phase!!!!!
Check your power supply modules, and it might be similar to mine.
IFF that really is what it is, and the label says it is, then I can
maybe run my DEC/VAX 7000 crate off ordinary 110v house power!!  Yippee!
Europower is probably 220 would be my guesstimate, so a 220v module
might be there.  I was quite flabbergasted when I read that label!
There is maybe some hope for the powermad DEC/VAXencrates!