Subject: VS2000/MV2000 boot questions
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/16/2001 18:27:59
Hi Everyone,

I got a VAXStation 2000 in a pile of stuff (thought it was a TZ50 drive!) 
and took it out to see what was what. Clearly it was stored improperly 
because the screws on the bottom were covered in rust. I took it apart, 
blew out the leaves (noted that it has a Clearpoint 8MB memory board) 
changed the jumper behind the BNC connector to make it a "MicroVAX" and 
plugged the cable I normally use connected to a 9pin MV II console port 
into the printer port. The system has an RD54 mounted in the drive bay. 
After verifying nothing was horrendously wrong I switched it on.

The RD54 spins up (very loudly) and on hyperterm I get an inverted T 
symbol. Then after a while I get the following display:

  ?  E  0040  0000.0005
  ?  C  0080  0000.4001
  ?  6  00A0  0000.4001
??  1  00C0  0000.7004

Note that I do NOT get the KA410 opening banner, I do NOT get the test 
numbers as they are being run, this is all I get (and no chevron prompt)

According to info on the web E is clock battery (doh!) and C is bogus 
console. 6 isn't documented bu I'm guessing it has something to do with 
memory since 00A0 is 10MB (which is what I should have). The 1 at the end 
is even more distressing since it is a double ?? which usually indicates a 
fatal problem. It could be the frame buffer I suppose. Anyone know for 
sure? Do I _have_ to short 8&9 to get a console on this thing?