Subject: RE: More raining and pouring VAXenbits!
To: 'NetBSD Bob' <>
From: Carlini, Antonio <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/16/2001 19:34:31
	> So, is this VAX 7000 critter I have half of, and hope to get the
	> half of, this week, really just an Alpha?????

	IIRC, there is not much difference between a
	VAX 7000 chassis and a DEC 7000 chassis:
	the differences lie mostly in the boards.

	E2040 and variants are KN7AA (DEC 7000-600 CPUs)
	(the -YA is slightly faster and I believe has the mods
	for 6-CPU operation, otherwise you are stuck with 4).

	E2045 is VAX 7000-600 (-DB for 6 CPU support)
	E2058 is VAX 7000-700
	E2059 is VAX 7000-800

	The TurboLaser stuff also uses laserbus somewhere so
	those are Exxxx modules too but you are not
	likely to have one of those. Mind you,
	given the stuff you seem to be unearthing ....

	Usual caveats about handling modules, pins that
	bend *very* easily on the modules etc.