Subject: Whatisit --- VAXenbits or Alphabits????
To: Lord Isildur <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/16/2001 11:41:04
> > So, is this VAX 7000 critter I have half of, and hope to get the other
> > half of, this week, really just an Alpha?????
> > 
> > Need input!  Need input!
> it looks like somebody upgraded it to an alpha at some point :( 
> well, i would look in and see exactly what modules you have in there. 
> Those machines could take (IIRC) four processors, so there might even be
> alphas and vaxen (wishful thinking probably) in there.. From what you 
> describe, it certainly looks like somebody upgraded this to an alpha.. 
> this might mean they traded in the VAX processor, or maybe it's hidden in 
> a container somewhere in the refuse!! hehe
> I dont know if netbsd/alpha works on the {7,10}000 yet. 

Well, I went back to check the thing (the surplus pit is a block off
the back of my lab and the folks know me there quite well  (:+}}...).

Here are the numbers off the machine backside.

H9F00-AA F01

Also, I relooked at the surplus tag on it, and it appears that
it was listed on the books as a DEC 7000.  Does that indicate it
is actually and Alpha rather than a VAX?  That might explain why
its disks booted on my Alpha 3000/300 box.

IF so, how good/fast/usable might it be for NetBSD, and anyone know
if anyone is doing anything to port to the critter?



p.s. I bounced this to both the VAX and Alpha lists, in case anyone
     might help identify this supposedly VAX 7000 or DEC 7000 critter.