Subject: Re: Test kernel available
To: Michael Kukat <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/16/2001 09:44:42
Michael Kukat drunkenly mumbled...
> VAXen are the successors of the PDPs, the majority of VAXen having a real bus
> use the same QBus as the smaller PDPs did. Only very new VAXen use the

this i pretty much knew.  i've got a PDP-8e and i used to own a VAX 11/730 and
they were strikingly similar.  in fact, i pulled some boards out of the /730
(never booted, so i don't know if it worked or not) and they are marked LSI-11!!
(early QBus) which makes me ask: can i use LSI-11 cards in QBus or did someone
stick those cards in that machine for "storage only"?

> TurboChannel (VAXstation 4000 series). But there are also BI, XMI and some
> other buses out there in the VAXen.

never even heard of BI, although XMI rings a bell for some reason.

> Look at the assembly language: VAXen are more relates to PDPs, they are CISC
> machines. DECstations are RISC machines and only exist due to DEC didn't get
> the Alpha CPU finished in time AFAIK.

they share CPUs don't they (the KA series were used in the larger PDP machines
like the -11 and -12, yes?)

MIPS are pretty nice CPUs, while not being a speed deamon, my /240 is pretty
snappy (i don't run X on it) and i just picked up a /260 this weekend that
will get NetBSD installed on it at some point (after i'm done playing with the
VAXen since i think they are _WAY_ cooler than the RISC machines)

> Strange. Ok, my ipfilter config hat some strange blocks in the logs, but in
> general it works, i tested it from outside. But i don't use the ftp proxy thing
> of ipfilter to come out.

it looks like a problem with the interaction of the NAT code and the ftp proxy
code.  before i moved, my sparc20s were on public IP addresses, and i could
use ftp without any problem.  now that the sparc20s are on private address
space, they need to use NAT and ftp proxy to ftp out from the inside.  gonna
grab a new version and see if it gets better, i've got a guy helping me with the
dump analysis, but i haven't heard back from him yet.

> In the worst case, i could mail you the kernel. But i think you should have a
> closer look at your firewall, it seems to be a bit too secure in blocking

deny by default, accept by exception.  pretty standard security paradigm.

i'm not some wanker home user who found out that someone could hack into my
windows 98 box so i'm running this sick firewall and making everyone's life
hard, i actually have sesative business data residing on my home network, and
i really want to make sure it stays mine and mine alone.

> packets :) I use OpenBSD 2.7 on a Personal DECstation 5000/25 and have no
> problems.

i'm running Solaris 8 on a SPARCstation 5 and haven't had any problems until 
now.  of course, the conditions weren't met before.

i'll see how the new version does.  don't bother mailing me the kernel since it
won't do any good until someone tells me where i can get the source code for
the MOP server since both the links on the web page are dead. (one
doesn't respond and the other doesn't have the right sirectories, or much at
all for that matter)